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The Guardian
7. The eternal forest

After five years spent in the Circle Palace, Inleir summoned him one day and said, "I congratulate you, Nlaminer; for now I cannot teach you anything new."

Nlaminer felt surprise. "How it is so ? I hardly know the Fire Circle, I know so little..."

Inleir shook his head. "You possess all you need. The equilibrium that lives inside is next to perfect; of the basic knowledge I can give you nothing more. It is now your task to find a way to enhance your magic, your power, colleague."

Nlaminer waited to be told more.

"You want to know why I don't teach you more spells. You are a talented mage, you possess many other skills and can earn money enough to buy any spell in any magic Circle you choose."

"Your mind prevents me from teaching you any more," Inleir continued.

"We are of different races. Further learning would be like violence in your mind. Your sources of power differ from mine. If I impose my techniques over your patterns of power, it could be destructive and poisonous for you. My title of Archmage does not mean I am absolutely omnipotent. No, even gods are not that powerful. The highest mages feel the state of mental field all around our world and take the greatest care using their spells. It may seem strange, but Archmages should try not to cast spells whenever possible. It's the cost of the powerful mind, Nlaminer. My task is to preserve the mental realm from which we take our Wisdom power."

"So I am on my own," Nlaminer said bitterly. "Teacher, will you tell me what to do next ?"

"No, I won't," Inleir refused. "I cannot risk changing your life in such a way. But I will give you hints. Seek creatures born of magic, that live on magic, whatever magic they use.

This is how you can find a way to train yourself. You can start with dragons, for example. They may be ferocious and bloodthirsty; but they possess abilities far beyond all the other races. I give you this," and Inleir passed him a small amulet, "It's the sign of my school. It will help you to make more friendly relations in our world.

Adventuring is a dangerous road and there cannot be too much help."

The bitterness left Nlaminer at once. Inleir was not right, he thought, I have to learn too much to control myself. Yet all he knew now was enough for a lonely mage to protect himself even in great danger.

They parted friends. Nlaminer left for the port and wandered.

His dearest dream was to solve the mystery of his origin; he knew only the great underground city in which he dwelt for as long as he could remember. That city was far to the west, on a long island, where the Human race lived.

It had been his home for many years, and it was good to start his quest from his homeland.

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