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The Guardian
7. The eternal forest

Their dreamlike journey continued on and on. Nlaminer knew Rhissa had something on her mind. Sometimes he thought he heard some of her thoughts... or shadows of thoughts. After the rite he felt changes in his mind; as if part of another entity was dwelling deep inside him.

He felt embarassed to ask Rhissa about her feelings; the sensation of being exposed to all the universe was overwhelming and alien to him.

And it left somewhere in his soul the hunger for more spiritual experience as if he had been granted the universal knowledge for a part of second. The rite awakened some previously undisturbed forces deep within and they were changing him... into what ? He felt the calmness and stability, yes - but the past Nlaminer was here, too. No other mind was walking inside his brain, there was no mental injury, and yet...

He preferred not to ask about her plan. His world was the world of quick actions and swords. The subtle and spiritual matters were the domain of his friend. So let her guide their way now. He used every hour of their presence here to master his concentration techniques and his mind was often wandering far away from his body.

The same independence of mind he felt when sparring with Rhissa with staves or teaching her to shoot. He decided to let his memory find clues to their quests, then saw many familiar scenes repainted before his eyes.

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