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The Guardian
7. The eternal forest

The Stranger lost his temper for a while. He ordered his sublings to seize the mortals and bring them to a safer - from his viewpoint - place. That disturbed the world too much; what was worse, he completely lost contact with them. His spiritual manifestations wandered around the Realm, listening for the cleric presence. If they are alive, they will be found and he will remind them of his threat. Stranger laughed; the throne room he was sitting in trembled. But he was perfectly calm and joyous now.

The mortals considered him to be a merciless, powerful creature.

He was not evil, of course. He had lost his place in the Universe, and deserved to get the position back.

If they were dead, well, too bad. He would have to find another judge. If they were alive, they would obey him. He knew they feared for their races... and the fear sometimes persuaded better than violence itself.

After all, he was not a violent being. The circumstances make him violent.

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