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The Guardian
7. The eternal forest

Nlaminer told her about his awakening in the snow-covered room.

She nodded. "I suspect he will invade our land when he sees us unwilling to assist him. I can only hope there are forces out there able to withstand his force. I understood what he wants and from what we have already seen I can guess he will not be too patient to reach his goal."

Nlaminer was intrigued, "Which goal ?"

"When gods cannot agree upon their areas of influence, they summon mortals to judge them. This is a tradition; there are many legends of judges from our world. This is an extremely rare case. Mostly the gods are able to solve their problems themselves.

But a decision of mortal judges becomes final and cannot be cancelled."

"So it is a god, then ?"

"That's the thing I am not sure of. His power is truly godlike; but the way he behaves and some other signs show me this is quite an unusual being. What's worse, he hopes we will be the judges. You remember his promise ? He can destroy our whole races and I am certain he would do that. Indirectly, slowly, he can outwit all the guardian forces and remove our people forever."

They sat silent for a moment.

"This is why I think he will follow us; as far as I know he likes hunting. Well, we have to win more time to find a way to stop him."

"This means..."

"This means he is scanning the Realm now. He will find us sooner or later; we cannot hide forever. If he were sure we are no more, he would start seeking new judges. But I doubt we've fled unnoticed."

"And if we have ?"

Rhissa thought. "That would be a good chance for both us and our world. But he will hurry; his methods were too violent to go unnoticed. We made him lose his temper - and this is good, too; for it will be hard for him to find followers easily."

"Anyway, we have to hide for some time," Nlaminer concluded. "I think there must be some intelligent dwellers here."

"I think the same," Rhissa replied. "The task will be hard. I suppose we could spend one day just enjoying the life. Heroic deeds make me too tired, you know." Her eyes sparkled and they both laughed.

"I think I'll wander for a while," Nlaminer said and stretched.

"It's quiet here; I feel no serious danger."

Rhissa nodded. "Don't walk too far. It's easy to lose one's way here." Nlaminer nodded in response and walked noiselessly away. He heard her singing another song. Her voice was still heard even when the fire and the smell of smoke vanished without a trace.

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