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The Guardian
6. The way beyond

The outside dwellers looked at the place where the Lighthouse was and saw nothing unusual. It pierced from the abyss and glowed in the dark, guidelight for those who missed the right way.

The storms fell upon the island and left. There was nothing they could change.

There were only five in this world that realized the danger hiding beyond the stone walls of the once peaceful lighthouse. Two of them walked its halls, trying to find the crack through which the unknown threat could crawl. Poisonous monsters lived now beneath the old building, spoiling the water and guarding any way to retreat.

Clouds surrounded the small island; for all outer observers there were no storm clouds - the island lay calm and inviting.

Rmair, the High Cleric, was another. His life in this body was soon to end; he could hardly move, but his mind was as keen and perceptive as ever. He felt the black walls that unknown force had erected between Rhissa and him. For a Haans the mind union was the highest possible value. The mind bond was the only power that granted them godlike abilities. His spirit always helped his adoptees (this is how he called all Haans to whom he taught The Art) and always he received light and power in exchange. Now, his dearest daughter was in so dark a peril he could not imagine. His spirit walked the Realm and could not break through the impassable mountains that surrounded Rhissa and her friend.

Younger Haans looking after Rmair were worried, for he was lying for hours with eyes open, breathing barely noticeable, almost dead. He returned to his body and each time was near despair. The force that was able to build such strong barriers was no trifle.

He knew not to alert the other clerics. The cost would be the lives of Rhissa and Nlaminer.

Andrynx, beholding the devastation of his shrine, was performing the actions ordered by his oath. He could not interfere in this new problem; he was always neutral. But neutral does not mean passive. He warned as many beings as he could and now was trying to break the wall of darkness that Unnamed Force was building around him. He could always travel through time - and he sent indeed his manifestations guarding the hole between realities that was about to open. Beyond that, he could do nothing. He had seen the destruction of whole universes; though all such events grieved him much, it was his task to observe and remember. He left a small part of his spirit in the desecrated shrine and observed from there.

Another force that dwelt far away from the life-abundant isles and continents was guarding all the other lands. The same rule forbade it to tell the truth; but this mighty watcher did its best to warn the people around and give them shadows of the truth. If the Dark Side managed to crawl in again, it would not be able to take the world by surprise.

The forces were accumulating. The Balance, always fragile, was about to crash. The two of the whole world that could do something did not know that gods already were gathering around their reality. Mortals always judge the quarrels between gods. This quarrel could be the mightiest ever known.

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