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The Guardian
16. The beginning

"Welcome, srangers," Nlaminer read aloud. A large plaque hung over their heads. Beyond entrance, dozens of corridors twisted and curved to and fro. Nlaminer shuddered. Silence was ominous and this plaque was another joke of the dark and strange creature.

"We've seen it before," Rhissa shrugged. "Not much surprise, I'd say. But listen, how will we find him here ?"

"That's easy," Nlaminer raised his arm and spoke several words. A glowing ball appeared above his head. In its bright glow corridors shrank, dwindled, coiled back. Most of them disappeared. Only two of them remained; they stood in one of them. Another crossed it hundred feet ahead.

"An illusion," he resumed. "And remember, Rhissa, you possess magic, too. No need to conceal it now."

She nodded. "Where will we go ?"

He pointed ahead. "Forward. He cannot be in hiding forever even if he choose to."

They moved ahead. Echo filled the corridor and many eyes followed them as they proceeded to the crossroads.

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