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The Guardian
12. The Judgement

Colors whirled around them in a storm. Their wild flight slowed down and finally they stood in a weird forest-like place. Stars, several moons and several suns shone on the sky. Multicolor shining envelopped all the leaves and branches. Trees, plants and everything else glowed with all the hues of a rainbow.

They looked at each other. Their bodies were separate now, but their minds were still United. They need no words, even a shade of a thought was enough.

'You look majestic,' Nlaminer heard his thought after he had a look at Rhissa. She glowed with deep green light, her aura comprised an enormous power. Her image was perfect, features flawless and godlike. She smiled.

'You too. All are godlike here,' Nlaminer looked at his body and was amazed. This one was strong, agile, quite young and emitted an intensive orange glow. He listened. It was not normal hearing that gave him sensation of a beautiful music filling the surrounding space, but his mind could not find a proper explanation to many new senses he possessed now.

'What now ?' she asked him and her aura changed its color a bit.

I see her emotions, Nlaminer understood.

'I have the following plan,' Nlaminer replied. 'The Realm is a timeless place, as any Tunnel. We should wait until the Judgement begins. I do not know who is Judge, but we should distract this creature and affect its mind. Judge is under the full control of Toxxar or is threatened as we were. This is the only way I see to change the result of the ceremony.' 'You cannot distract a god,' Rhissa objected.

'He only tries to look as a god,' Nlaminer said, 'He possesses some power to trick all the other gods... or part of them, that does not matter, into thinking he's a god. We should make him to switch his attention to us. This is a great risk, but I do not know what we could do if he wins the Judgement.' They stood for a while, their shining bodies mighty and magnificient in the forest that was outside of all the worlds.

'And I think his power will be less in the Realm, too,' Rhissa added unexpectedly. 'His origin of an energy lies somewhere else.

This is my world,.. and yours, too. He could force us return to a physical plane, but only if we allow him to.' 'That's a good idea,' Nlaminer said thoughtfully.

'Which one ?' 'To find the source of his energy.' Rhissa paused for a while. Her aura became golden, then a sparks of white diluted it. 'One can do that,' she replied. 'But somebody should distract him. And when he's cut from the energy, his force wouldn't be hard to resist. How long will your collar work for us ?' Nlaminer laughed. 'As long as we are inside the Realm. I was told it will disappear as soon as the contact with the target reality is strong and stable. You see ?' he pointed at his neck. 'It is no more.

All the other things are with us.' Rhissa looked troubled. 'But will this not disturb the Realm too much ?' Nlaminer shrugged. 'You are Cleric. I can do very little here. I do not know whether my magic will work. But my memory and my mind are with me. And your powers are enormous now. Together we can oppose him; he can be outraged. When his power is off balance it can be tricked and defeated. He's a master of The Wisdom, not of The Art.

Something allows him entering into other mental planes, but we have a chance to defeat him anyway.' 'How do you know all of this ?' He sighed. 'I had time enough to learn many things. I will surely tell you this story, but let's invent a plan first.' Rhissa looked disappointed for a moment. 'I can find the Hall of Judgement. And I feel radiation from the domain... of him. What should we visit first ?' 'The Hall of Judgement.' She smiled. 'Your hand, please.' He gave his hand... and they melted again into shapeless blazing comet. A wind whistled among the leaves of the rainbow forest when this comet soared high in the sky and sped away.

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