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The Guardian
11. The Museum

She stood in front of the showcase with a "portal generator" device inside. The magic books were just words for her; and her attempts to break into the Realm were hindered. The only hope was to use some alien technology based upon other principles. After scanning the hall of 'Movement' section she find eventually several portal spawning devices. No comments on how to use them. Well, provided she could get such a device, she could risk to cast identification, even if it will take then several hours or days to regain her powers.

She tried to find any switch turning off the blue field, but with no success. It glowed, destructing anything trying to approach the guarded object. She was near to despair, when a strange feeling appeared inside hre mind. She paused to study this sensation.

Out of nowhere, an image appeared before her eyes. It lasted only several moments, but the idea was plain and simple.

She was astonished, as she never experienced the Voice before. Then she found a massive metal thing taken from some ruined showcase (it was part of some floating vehicle). She calculated the safe distance and threw the piece of metal at the showcase.

A terrible sound of vaporizing metal filled her ears. The field flashed white and disappeared. She had time enough to break the glass and grasp the device inside. The green indicator on it was lit and the whole item gave a sensation of might hidden deep inside.

As she leapt away from the support, the field switched on again.

In the same instant, some strange, unpleasant sound came from a distance. Guards, she thought. Time to learn how the damned thing works. She concentrated on the hand-sized device lying on her hand, but before she had cast the spell, a heavy footsteps came from behind.

She sprang, trying to block any possible attack, but an invisible force seized her and the staff dropped to the floor. A metal creature, resembling tall Human stood near her. Her muscles were paralyzed, her mind was the only obeying part of hers. She felt her body turned and began walking somewhere, the guard following. 'Nlaminer !' she cried with desperate strength, and a blackness fell upon her eyes. She still felt she was going, under the full control, but her contact with the outside world was vanishing with frightening speed.

For the first time her clerical knowledge was useless. The opponent had no mind, she had nothing to strike at. No life, no mind,... only oppressive, crushing force living in the ugly metal carcass.

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