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The Guardian
11. The Museum

The images were foggy and detailless. She tried to concentrate on them and realized she was seeing many worlds at the same time. Her thoughts moved to her native world and in the same instant the vision became clear and alive.

She looked at her world from the great altitude, as if she was flying high in the sky. The Blasted land crawled beneath her. It was sand-buried and white. Dragon Isles were slightly visible through a thick layers of clouds. Her eyes tried to focus on the Lighthouse island and she saw at the same instant a great volcano raging in that place. A column of smoke was rising high; lava was flowing endlessly. The battle of fire and water was awesome; she understood the rest of the lighthouse with its secrets were gone along with the Andrynx shrine.

She tried to find her Pink isle, but the dragon whose eyes she was looking with changed its course and headed for Dragon isles. She thought she heard the booming and hissing of the steam and the roar of the volcano breath, but it could as well be just her imagination.

Then she saw a familiar dark shadow and heard the mocking laughter once again. 'Spying, little cleric ?' A panic grasped her mind. Somehow he managed to watch even the deeds of other gods ! She tried to break the contact and found herself standing in front of Zartin image.

His stone eyes showed superiority and irony. The essence of everlasting energy gave her more strength and strengthened her spirit, too.

She prayed to him shortly and continued her way.

After a long time she discovered the altar of Toxxar and stood there, unable to pass the place by.

Two images were mixing in the dark bas-relief. One was the Akaeff image, agile, tall, with eyes deep set and peaceful. The other was strange, shapeless violent image, with eyes red and hating, with immense power emanating from them.

She paused, fighting the impulse to penetrate Toxxar thoughts or use his senses... desire was so strong she had to close her eyes and walk away several steps. While she possessed no means to combat Toxxar powers and move between realities she had no chances to withstand his will.

With Toxxar eyes burning her neck, she moved along.

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