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The Guardian
11. The Museum

The several following weeks she spent walking in the great halls of the Museum; the name was proper enough for such a colossal collection. She guessed who could establish such a place and why it is long forgotten and never visited. The only unlit room was 'Animals' section. The number of sections was infinite, as it seemed. Dozens of other life examples, of classes she never thought about, filled other sections. 'Knowledge' section possessed the treasure of wisdom she would never suspect to exist. Temptation to sit and study all of this was overwhelming; the absence of time here was assuring there will be no dire results of such studies.

But everything more or less valuable was hidden under a bluish glowing mist, covering showcases. She threw a small stone at one of such fields and the small piece evaporated with a glare.

The hall that really attracted her was labeled 'Cults'. She entered it with awe; millions of gods looked at her from many altars and sacred things, placed in strict order. There were no dust here and all the images seemed to be alive. She never suspected the Universe could comprise so many deities. Indeed the amount of unknown was growing with the amount of knowledge. She felt as if she was inside all the times and ages of all the worlds.

Gods looked at her; she heard distant voices and sounds, emanating from the images. Only once she saw a known altar. It belonged to Zartin, the god of Dragons, fierce, glorious, covered with perl-like scale. He was so realistic she studied the image for many minutes. His blazing eyes met hers; she kept her stare and the world around began to move and melt.

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