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The Guardian
11. The Museum

A day passed and another. She was still in the endless giant room. But now it was clear: this hall was sort of a museum. Beasts, monsters, relics of them and so on stood in the glass cubes, or by themselves, on postaments and so on. And the dust, thick, several centuries old. Time itself was an exhibit in this place.

Silence was disturbing. Nearly all the noises were deafened by the dust or the great span of the hall. She managed to walk from one wall to another; it took two hours. A labyrinth of the exhibits was also dizzying; the natural look of the most of them was enough to scare even the bravest adventurers. They were mostly unknown to Rhissa, but that was not strange. She walked by a wall. Sooner or later she should reach an entrance to this enormous room. She marked one especially great showcase and moved amidst the creatures even the most imaginative mind couldn't make up. Soon she was half-walking, half-dreaming; the only things her eyes detected were possible signs of a door.

When she found a door, it was absurdly small in comparison with the hall. Just six feet wide and eight high. She had no idea how the biggest beasts were put in here, but it wasn't what worried her most of all. She opened a door, not bothering to check what was behind and left the vast hall.

She stood in a narrow corridor, extending endlessly in both directions. A plaque on the door read: 'Animals'. Well, it could be translated in that way. She had no spare energy for detailed investigation. The corridor was cleaner; no dust lay on the floor. Warm air blew slowly; it made her more vivid and the fatigue of two (or more ?) days walking immediately forced her body to complain.

She sat by the door to have a small rest. Another door, twenty feet across the corridor had a plaque 'Science achievements'. That sounded great, but first her feet should rest. Rhissa closed her eyes and tried to abstract from all that surrounded her now.

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