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The Guardian
11. The Museum

Rhissa remembered only she took an ironwood staff. Its knob was in the form of grinning skull. She remembered her disgust at such a thing... A flash blinded her and she sensed matterless void encompassing her.

She heard her heart beating; distorted voices, full of anger and hatred, filled her head. She thought she recognized Nlaminer's voice... Soon the voices passed away.

She heard wind whistling in her ears. A calmness and certainty suddenly filled her heart. Nlaminer was alive, that's for sure. The being calling itself Toxxar did not achieve its goals yet. No reason to feel panic. This metal certainty did not leave her even when her feet touched a cool floor, in the fullest darkness.

She had only the weird heavy staff. The room was large and quiet; cool draughts were flying it over and over. She raised the staff and it emitted bright white light.

A giant monster, grinning savagely, stood above her. She was frozen with terror. When she was about to defend, she noticed there were no noises, smells and even life emanation from the giant bear-like creature.

She walked around it. An imitation, a stuffed beast, no more.

Whoever worked on it, it was fine and careful work. Even hunger in its eyes was very natural. Rhissa looked at the floor, amazed...

and understood why her footsteps were so soft. A carpet of dust, half foot deep covered all around. Trying not to raise it, Rhissa began her studying of this strange place she has been thrown to.

She tested her contact with the Realm. It was weak, but her powers will slowly regenerate. The worst of all is she had absolutely no equipment. No water, no food, nothing at all. She was on her own, with Nlaminer outside this reality.

As for food and water, it was simple; she will not starve to death. Judging by the speed here energy was restoring, she will spend most of it to provide her nutrition for her body. And this ugly staff was the only weapon.

She sighed. Time to learn how one could leave this abandoned place and where it was lying.

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